Effective, engaging customer communication by email


Burgh Property


Burgh Property is a leading lettings and property management agency in Edinburgh, which has established an excellent track record for the quality of its service. The majority of the residential properties managed by the Burgh team are located in the capital, but they also look after homes in many other areas of Scotland too.


Communication is absolutely vital to building strong relationships with tenants and landlords. That’s why Burgh Property works with Markham PR & Marketing to ensure email communication is professional, clear and frequent. Regular e-newsletters are produced quarterly, along with one-off alerts, keeping both audiences informed and aware of issues that could affect their properties.


The email communication programme has been running for several years, and feedback is good amongst both groups. It is not unusual to achieve opening rates in excess of 60%, with similarly positive click rates too.

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You can find out about Burgh Property at www.burghproperty.co.uk.