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How brands have gone tribal during Covid-19 crisis

27 August 2020

Empty streets of Leeds during Covid-19 pandemic

How has the Covid-19 crisis impacted on brands?

Has the crisis changed how people think about them and will all of them come out of it stronger, weaker or no different? Kantar’s tribal thinking could have the answers…

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Challenging three SEO ‘conventions’

7 August 2020

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

With so much advice and expert comment out there regarding SEO, it can be difficult to know what to prioritise when writing content for a website.

But should we follow important ‘conventions’ that we all read about?

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PR and marketing jargon buster

4 June 2020

Two fictional TV characters who talked in endless PR, marketing and management jargon.

The PR and marketing sector is notorious for its desire to try to baffle with science.

Don’t despair! Read our jargon buster here to understand what a dressed-up phrase actually means!

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How to start developing your new website

1 June 2020

Website development is easy once you know where to start.

Where do you begin when embarking on a website building or redevelopment?

Start by taking a step back. Don’t make the mistake of going head-strong into a website development project without knowing why you are doing it!

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Batimat 2019 provides positive really insight into building sector’s health

13 November 2019

Batimat 2019 - the French construction industry exhibition.

Having recently visited UK Construction Week 2019 at the NEC, we were curious to see how a continental building industry trade show looked at this current time, in the current economic climate, so where better to go than Batimat in Paris.

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Why advertising continues to be legalised lying

29 December 2020

When will advertisers be taken to task for outright lies in their ads? Anyone who has used Spotify free will know that Spotify are always offering you an upgrade at a discount. This includes getting the first 3 months free. And it is offered cyclically so there is always a chance to take up the offer.

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