Engaging with your audiences and markets directly through seminars, opened days, technical masterclasses and other events can be a powerful part of any PR programme. They help you differentiate your organisation and convey a welcoming, open message to clients and potential clients. And every event gives you a story to tell via press releases.

We can help you with the initial event concept. What sort of event could you stage, what would it be of interest to customers and other important stakeholders and what will it achieve? Once the event idea is crystallised, we can provide full event management services or support clients with whatever aspects they need. Here we can approach third parties to invite them to participate and help you line up an attractive speaker line-up, if that’s what you require.

Our event support extends into production of event materials too. These include flyers, invitations and website content, as well as managing the invitation and booking process. And, we will look after any press releases that relate to the event or look for relevant feature article opportunities. We will even help you staff the event on the day and represent your company in whatever capacity you need.

Full marketing support for events

An excellent example of an event programme that we have managed is one that we delivered for CMS Window Systems. The brief was to arrange a series of technical seminars for existing and prospective customers. The goal was to enable them to get up to speed with the very latest developments in sustainable windows and doors. A series of four Technical Masterclasses resulted which were attended by around 120 people overall – read the full details here.

To discuss how an event could add a new dimension to your marketing and PR programme, or refresh an event that you do regularly, please send us a message or give us a call.