Feature Articles

Feature articles

We work with clients to share their organisation’s expertise via in-depth feature articles, which are typically between around 600 to 2000 words. Feature articles are key to thought leadership strategies enabling a business to explain techincal concepts, tackle industry issues and offer a new perspective which competitors may find it difficult or impossible to replicate.

The process starts by thinking about the end user. What will the reader find interesting about an organisation or what they have to say? What can they take away or learn? What can we say about a business that improve their perception or compel them to contact for more assistance?

We then provide guidance on the opportunities. There is no point in developing a carefully crafted article without thinking of a place for it to be published. We work closely with publishers so often know their planned features months in advance and this enables us to propose article ideas and secure placement before we develop an article.

Feature articles can also be re-purposed as whitepapers for your website and thus provide tangible digital assets.

Talk to us if you would like help in developing feature articles – drop us a message via our contact us page or call us.