Press releases

Securing media coverage and ensuring journalists are furnished with the correct information from your organisation is best achieved through a well written press release. We have over 20 years’ experience in writing press releases for clients in numerous market sectors, including building, manufacturing, finance, professional services and the tech sector.

We’ll ensure your press release achieves your objectives and works hardest for your organisation by helping to deliver a positive media presence. We will guide you to ensure your story is told in a way that journalists and their consumers like – be they magazine and newspaper readers, website visitors and broadcast media viewers or listeners.

Do you have a long list of stories to tell? You might think not but…

We know how easy it is for businesses to miss the opportunity to have a good media presence because they don’t think that they have anything newsworthy. That is where we can help, by brainstorming with clients regularly to identify newsworthy developments in their company and shaping them into a programme of regular media communication.

We won’t ‘carpet-bomb’ the media with your press release in the hope that if you throw enough, some of it will stick! Instead we will target the publications that we think may want to run your press release, based on our experience and strong media contacts.

In the era of ‘content is king’ dominated by the importance of SEO, press releases provide valuable fresh content for any website. A recently updated news section is always the sign of an active organisation with plenty to say, and this can even help with lead conversion.

Press release development is one of our core services and we take great pride in the quality of what we write and the coverage we deliver.

To discuss how our press releases could help your marketing and communication goals and what the service could cost, please contact us.