Social Media

Social media management

In today’s ‘always on’ era, no organisation can afford not to have a presence on at least one social media platform.

We will help you determine your strategy and advise on where your business should be to engage with customers most effectively, and deliver an appropriate brand presence. Not every social media channel will be right for your business, just as is the case with any marketing channel. Choose the wrong channels and you’ll be wasting time and money, whilst missing opportunities which are out there with the right channels.

Our services include the strategy and delivery of your social media programme. That can include developing regular tweets for posting on Twitter, LinkedIn posts or creating content for Pinterest. The great thing about outsourcing your social media management to us is that you can have the confidence that your presence is in good hands, and you don’t need to spend time squeezing this activity in your day.

Social media channels provide excellent metrics so you can establish your return on investment and marketing effectiveness. We can set goals such as a target number of LinkedIn profile views, new followers on Twitter and engagement levels with your content to help you gauge success, fully integrated with your other marketing activities.

To find out more about how we can help give your business the right social media presence, please contact us.